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      Bevz, V. [1]
      Grinyuk, A. [1]
      Holota, Marharyta [1]
      Horbenko, Andrii [1]
      Hrechaniuk, A.M. [1]
      Kupchyshyna, O. [1]
      Luts, Y. [1]
      Muliar, Mariia [1]
      Nadobnykh, A. [1]
      Ocheretnyi, Oleksandr [1]
      Pavliuk, O. L. [1]
      Rak, Kateryna [1]
      Rybachenko, Dmytro [1]
      Stovbetska, Y. [1]
      The diploma work presents the results of research on the level of physical preparedness of male and female elementary schoolchildren attending sectional swimming lessons. Schoolchildren who participated in the study attended swimming lessons 3 times a week. It has been established that the junior schoolchildren have a probable improvement in the mean values of active flexibility, dynamic strength endurance of the shoulder girdle muscles, the strength of the muscles of the fingers of the right and left hands, as well as the strength of stomach muscles and extensor muscles of the hip joint. In addition, the schoolchildren improved the ability to withstand hypoxia. [1]
      The work is devoted for studying modern methods of physical rehabilitation of persons with dyskinetic forms of cerebral palsy and the impact of the integrated rehabilitation program, which is held at the State Rehabilitation Center "Promin", on the physical condition of children with dyskinetic form of cerebral palsy. Analyzing scientific literature, a complex of a medical gymnastics and massage for children with a dyskinetic form of cerebral palsy has been created, as the most rare form of cerebral palsy. As this form of cerebral palsy is characterised by muscle's hypotonic, bad movenents' coordination, then our rehab program was aimed on solving these problems. It is set that the use of the program of physical rehabilitation has positive influence on the physical condition of children.After the rehabilitation measures children had an increase muscles tone, the co-ordination of motions and balance was improved, appearance ofsome independent active motions and the pronunciation ofsounds became clearer. [1]
      Vozniuk, Kostiantyn [1]
      Yanivskyi, Vitalii [1]
      Zakharova, Polina [1]
      Zdebskyi, O. [1]