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    • Fitness aerobics as a means of recovery the physical capacity of young volleyball players (boys and girls) 

      Kozina, Zhanneta; Cretu, Marian; Boichuk, Yurii; Sobko, Irina; Repko, Olena; Bazilyuk, Tatyana; Prokopenko, Irina; Tararak, Nataliia; Andrey, Osiptsov; Anatolii, Guba; Mikola, Trubchaninov; Kostiukevych, Viktor; Polianskyi, Anton; Rostovska, Viktoriya; Drachuk, Andrii; Konnova, Maya (2018)
      Improving the results in sports involves applying loads with significant volumes and intensity. It requires the introduction into the system of preparation of a complex of recovery the physical capacity. ...
    • Psychophysiological Factors Of Special Working Capacity In Contact Command Game Kinds Of Sports (Rugby On An Example). 

      Kozina, Zhanneta; Kalinichenko, V’acheslav; Cretu, Marian; Boichuk, Yurii; Prokopenko, Irina; Ahmetov, Rustam; Tararak, Nataliia; Kutek, Tamara; Osiptsov, Andrey; Kostiukevych, Viktor; Guba, Anatolii; Trubchaninov, Mikola; Polianskyi, Anton; Rostovska, Viktoriya; Drachuk, Andrii; Stasiuk, Ivan (2018)
      The purpose of the work consisted in determining the factor structure of psychophysiological properties and physical preparedness of young rugby players 16-17 years and determining the influence of psycho-physiological ...