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    • Effectiveness of the application of the endogenous-hypoxic breathing technique in the physical training of the qualified field hockey players 

      Sulyma, Alla; Bohuslavska, Viktoriia; Furman, Yuriy; Galaman, Yaroslav; Doroshenko, Edward; Pityn, Maryan; Сулима, Алла; Богуславская, Виктория; Фурман, Юрий; Галаман, Ярослав; Дорошенко, Эдвард; Питын, Марьян; Богуславська, Вікторія; Фурман, Юрій; Галаман, Ярослав; Дорошенко, Едвард; Пітин, Мар’ян (2017)
      The research is devoted to the study of possibilities of professional field hockey players’ physical and functional preparedness improvement on the stage of their individual opportunities maximal realization by applying ...