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    • Being a bilingual in modern intercultural communication 

      Buchatskaya, S. M.; Бучацкая, С. М. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2017)
      The article investigates the effective functioning of a bilingual in the terms of intercultural communication. The analysis of psychological and psycholinguistic aspects of bilingualism as well as a number of rules and ...
    • Birth of a Surreal Image in Attributive Constructions 

      Прадівлянна, Л.М.; Прадивлянная, Л. Н.; Pradivlianna, L.M. (Київ, 2019)
      Introduction. The article focuses on the problems of the surreal images in the poetry of David Gascoigne – one of the leaders of surrealist movement in Great Britain. Surrealist image remains a complex phenomenon with ...
    • Call technologies in teaching writing in esl classroom 

      Подзигун, Олена (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2023)
      Thus, pre- and in-service language teachers should clearly learn about computer use. When integrated appropriately, CALL technologies can support experiential learning and practice in a variety of modes, provide effective ...
    • Call та mall технології як інструмент взаємодії з учнями в умовах воєнного часу. 

      Мусіхіна, І. (2023)
      Сучасна освіта невпинно змінюється, замінюючи традиційні методи та форми навчання, що спричинено викликами 21 століття, зокрема пандемією COVID-19 та режимом воєнного стану. Викладання в цих умовах є складним завданням, ...
    • Callan Method as an alternative modern way of the English language acquisition : курсова робота 

      Мірошнікова, Анна Павлівна; Мирошникова, А. П; Miroshnikova, A. P (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2021)
      The course work tells about Callan's method and ways to use it in learning English. The author of this technique as a new, modern, alternative way of learning a language, talks about the technique of its use and features ...
    • Case Method in Teaching Foreign Languages 

      Клос, Н.; Klos, N. (Мелітополь: Видавництво МДПУ ім. Богдана Хмельницького., 2014)
      Case study has a great deal of potential in the fields of second language acquisition theory and pedagogy. It allows us to go beyond the isolated and decontextualized issue of what is taught and learned, to questions of ...
    • Chat gpt as an assistant in students’ research 

      Дацків, Ольга; Шонь, Олена (Вінниця : Твори, 2023)
      The guidelines draft specifies that teachers will have different expectations, and it is important for students to verify what these expectations are before submitting their paper. When research advisors permit the students ...
    • Cloud-based technologies in education and student's needs 

      Лисак, Г. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2020)
      However, in addition to the obvious advantages of introducing cloud-based technologies into the higher education system, scientists draw our attention to the disadvantages: the need for a permanent connection to the Internet ...
    • Coming of age novels in the era of “New sincerity”: trauma and personality development of a teenager (based on the novels “black swan green” by d. mitchell and “time to speak” by K. Klimovsky) 

      Taratuta, Svitlana; Melnyk, Tetiana; Kozachyshyna, Oksana; Pradivlianna, Liudmyla (AD ALTA: JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH, 2022)
      Trauma and Personality Development of a Teenager are investigated within multidisciplinary paradigm, based on the novels “Black Swan Green” by D. Mitchell and “Time to Speak” by K. Klimovsky. Postmodernism and irony are ...
    • Communicative Language Teaching 

      Теклюк, Г.П.; Теклюк, А.П.; Tekliuk, H.P. (Дрогобич: Видавничий дім «Гельветика», 2020)
      The article considers the communicative methodology, or CLT, its principles, techniques and characteristics, as well as its impact on other approaches to learning foreign languages. According to the communicative language ...

      Bardashevska, Yuliia; Бардашевська, Ю.О. (Batumi, Georgia, 2018-12)
      Зростання уваги до живого мовлення, процесів комунікації зумовило висунення на перший план комунікативної компетенції, що трактується як здатність мобілізувати різноманітні знання мови (мовну компетенцію), паравербальних ...
    • Conceptual metaphors of negative thinking in contemporary american popular psychology discourse 

      Mosiichuk, Antonina (Вінниця, 2020)
      Overall, the analysis of the ontological and structural metaphorical models constituting the figurative component of the NEGATIVE THINKING concept proves that the latter is viewed as a process often limited and restricted ...
    • Constructive and creative mapping as a cognitive and semiotic mechanism of the formation of syntactic constructions of contemporary American poetry texts 

      Strilchuk, A.; Стрільчук, А. В.; Стрильчук, А. В. (Вінниця, 2010)
      The article elucidates the operations of constructive and creative mapping – extension, compression and permutation – and analyses their role in objectifying the fragments of American worldview and the creation of originality ...
    • Content and language integrated learning: university perspective 

      Zarichna, О. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2020)
      The major challenges CLIL implementers currently face related to the course structure and also chronology of language learning occurrences. ESP courses are taught primarily in the first two years of a degree course while ...
    • Content-Based Instruction 

      Теклюк, Г.П.; Теклюк, А.П.; Tekliuk, H.P. (Запоріжжя: Запорізький національний університет, 2020)
      The article notes that learning through content can make learning English more exciting and motivating. Students use the English language to achieve real goals, which makes them more independent and confident. Students can ...
    • Criteria for Choosing a Coursebook 

      Клос, Н.; Klos, N. (Вінниця, 2016)
    • Cross-cultural creative learning and assessment 

      Данильченко-Черняк, Оксана (Вінниця : Твори, 2023)
      In conclusion, cross-cultural creative learning and assessment represent a dynamic and evolving field that fosters cultural appreciation, innovation, and personal development. Embracing the challenges and opportunities ...
    • Cross-cultural Dialogue in the American Literature of the XX –XXI centuries 

      Yamchynska, T. I.; Ямчинська, Т. І.; Ямчинская, Т. И. (London, 2014)
      The article deals with the cross-cultural dialogue in the American literature of the XX –XXI centuries; mechanisms of creation of “other” culture image in the “boundary” type of literature
    • Cоматизми на позначення голови та її частин у німецькій мові (на матеріалі художного та публіцистичного дискурсів) 

      Фіцай, Катерина Олександрівна; Fitsai, K. O.; Fizai, K. O. (Вінниця: ВДПУ ім. М. Коцюбинського, 2022)
      В роботі проведено багатоаспектний аналіз фразеологізмів сучасної німецької та української мов із компонентом «голова, та її частин» у межах двох культурних традиціях. Актуальність дослідження полягає у недостатньому ...
    • Democratization of Education in Emerging Countries 

      Кузьміна, С. А.; Кузьмина, С. А.; Kuzmina, S. A.; Пауел, Д.; Пауэл, Д.; Powell, D.; Цвік, C.; Цвик, С.; Cwick, S.; Халід, T.; Халид, T.; Khalid, T.; Софо, С.; Sofo, S. (NAC-WCCT. North American Chapter Journal of Interdisciplinary Education, 2016)
      Education is a democratizing catalyst that enhances choice, individual welfare, and productivity by increasing access and equity of opportunity. However, there are significant challenges to democratization of education, ...