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    • E-Learning Methods in Students’ Education. International 

      Крутій, К.; Крутий, Е.Л.; Kruty, K.L.; Жданевич, Л.О.; Zdanevych, L.О.; Дем’яненко, О.А.; Демьяненко, О.А.; Demianenko, О.А.; Пахальчук, Н.О.; Пермінова, Л.О.; Перминова, Л.О.; Perminova, L.О.; Гарачковська, О.О.; Гарачковская, О.О.; Garachkovska, О.О. (Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), 2019)
      The rhythm of modern life and the widespread dissemination of digital technology leads us to the need to review traditional education systems. Opportunities for realizing the potential inherent in electronic ...