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      Authors Name
      Tanasuyk, V.О. [1]
      Tarasenko, G. [1]
      Tarasenko, Galyna [1]
      Tarasenko, H. S. [2]
      Tarasenko, Halina [3]
      Tarasenko, Halina Sergeyevna [1]
      Tarasenko, Halyna [4]
      Tarnavska, S.А. [1]
      Teliatnyk, L.О. [1]
      Teplova, O. Y. [3]
      Teplova, O. Yu. [13]
      The article analyzes importance of a comprehensive approach to the study of art cycle subjects in the elementary school; it discusses topical problems of using related arts in the education and upbringing of younger students [1]
      The article deals with the definition of concepts "interpretation" and "the artpedagogical interpretation"; the basic components of readiness of the future teachers of elementary school to the art-pedagogical interpretation of artworks are considered. [1]
      The article is devoted to a general overview of dyslexia and methods of working with children with dyslexia [1]
      The article is devoted to questions of the psychology of creativity, namely, the influence of applied creativity on the process of harmonization of personality. The emphasis is put on the connection of arts and crafts with the traditions of the people. Consideration is also given to the therapeutic possibilities of applied art and its impact on the development of the child. The main attention is paid to the process of harmonization of the personality in combination with psychological and mental health. [1]
      The article proposes the definition of the term «gender indicators». The possibilities of using indicators for the evaluation of educational programs aimed at achieving gender equality are analyzed. The proposed indicators allow us to identify and prevent those approaches that polarize the differences between the sexes and lead to gender imbalance and discrimination in the future [1]
      The modern child is particularly in need of a sublime perception of the world, searching for oneself and the true meaning of life, mobilizing faith in their possibilities, that is, search activity and life autonomy. The article deals with Ivan Ivanov's methodology of collective creative education of children. The importance of collective creative work in the education of junior pupils is revealed. The relevance of the methodology in the modern comprehensive school of the І-ІІ degree is proved [1]
      This article reveals the issue of differentiated teaching, stages of mastering the technology of differentiated teaching, indicators of the quality of implementation of inclusive education in everyday practice. The issue of using the technology of differentiated teaching in the education of children with special educational needs is revealed. [1]
      Timoshevska, I. [1]
      Tkachuk, D.М. [1]