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    • Problems of disinfection and processing of medical waste 

      Sakalova, H; Khodanitska, O; Dzikhovska, L.; Сакалова, Г; Ходаніцька, О; Дзіховська, Л. (Вінниця, 2021, 2021)
      The article provides an analysisof medical waste management in Ukraine. As medical waste is hazardous, it partially reflects the handling of dangerous waste components, such as chemicals used in medicine, heavy metals ...
    • Waste management in Switzerland and remarks to other countries 

      Stalder, F.; Сталдер, Ф. (Вінниця, 2021, 2021)
      To understand the different situations in all countries it is necessary to compare the different mentality, financial situation, culture, politic, law and other influencing factors. Therefore, it is not possible to transfer ...