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    • Teaching soft skills to students majoring in foreign language and literature 

      Martynyuk, О. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2020)
      Thus, soft skills include: listening skills, positive attitude, leadership skills, communication skills, inter-personal skills, intra-personal skills, decision-making, ability to work in team, creative thinking, emotional ...
    • Techniques and Strategies of Critical Thinking Development in the Process of ESL Teaching 

      Теклюк, Г.П.; Теклюк, А.П.; Tekliuk, H.P. (Science and Education a New Dimension. Pedagogy and Psychology, VIII (89), Issue: 221–Budapest, 2020)
      This paper summarises a study focusing on the techniques and strategies of critical thinking development in the process of ESL teaching. In doing so, it aims to contribute to an important area of research regarding teaching ...
    • The advantages of integrated teaching grammar and speaking skills 

      Олійник, Інна (Вінниця, 2020)
      Summarizing the above mentioned, it should be noted that integrated teaching of foreign language grammar and speaking has a number of obvious advantages, as it contributes to the rapid and effective development of both ...
    • The Communicative Competence of Future Doctors with Different Levels of Stress Resistance 

      Budas, Iuliia; Batsylyeva, Olga; Puz, Irina; Astakhov, Volodymir; Будас, Юлія Олексіївна; Будас, Юлия Алексеевна (LUMEN Publishing House, 2021-03-29)
      The current study presumes that future doctors’ communicative competence correlates with their stress resistance which influences their professional performance of duties. The specific aim of our research was to conduct a ...
    • The communicative component`s description of a future teacher`s development system 

      Kaplinskiy, Vasyl; Kaplinskyi, V. V.; Каплінський, В. В.; Каплинский, В. В. (European humanitie studies: State and Society, 2017)
      In this article was given a communicative component’s description of a future teacher’s development system. Also was made an analysis of components and inward relations between them
    • The Development of Lifelong Learning in German-Speaking Coutries: Innovative Approaches 

      Матіюк, Дмитро Володимирович; Матиюк, Д. В.; Matiiuk, D. V. (Витебск, 2017)
      У статті досліджена важливість освіти впродовж життя. Проаналізовані праці провідних науковців Європейського Союзу та німецькомовних країн з вищезазначеної проблематики. Систематизовано й узагальнено особливості змісту, ...
    • The existence of heteroclinic traveling waves in the discrete sine-Gordon equation with nonlinear interaction on a 2D-lattice 

      Bak, S. M.; Бак, С. М.; Бак, С. Н. (2018)
      The article deals with the discrete sine-Gordon equation that describes an infinite system of nonlinearly coupled nonlinear oscillators on a 2D-lattice with the external potential V (r) = K(1-cos r). The main result concerns ...
    • The Impact of Feedback on Students’ Autonomous ESP Learning Outcomes 

      Dmitrenko, Natalia Yevheniivna; Budas, Iuliia Oleksiivna; Дмітренко, Наталя Євгеніївна; Будас, Юлія Олексіївна; Дмитренко, Наталья; Будас, Юлия Алексеевна (LUMEN Publishing House, 2021-08-13)
      The present paper provides the results of the feedback influence on students’ autonomous ESP learning. It is aimed to study the impact of feedback on autonomous learning outcomes of first-year students, who are studying a ...
    • The implemintation of problem-based learning in ukrainian higher educational institutions 

      Dmitrenko, N. Ye. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2017)
      The article deals with the problem-based learning (PBL) that combines theoretical knowledge and practice in educational process. PBL is an effective learning method through which the students become responsible and initiative. ...
    • The Legacy of a Pandemic: Lessons Learned and . . .Being Learned 

      Matvienko, Olga; Kuzmina, Svitlana; Glazunova, Tamara; Yamchynska, Tamara; Clay M. Starlin; Sue F. Foo.; Матвієнко, О.В.; Кузьміна, С.А.; Глазунова, Т.В.; Ямчинська, Т.І.; Старлін К.; Су Фу (North American Community: Uniting for Equity Journal of Interdisciplinary Education, 2021)
      Ukrainian education has traditionally been face-to-face. It has been criticized for the slow integration of technology and web-based instruction into teacher preparation. The following factors have contributed to a resistance ...
    • The notion of pro control in german participle clauses 

      Боровська, О. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2020)
      Another important issue in research of control is the co-indexation of antecedent and PRO. The obligatory control of PRO implies a special syntactic mechanism between antecedent and PRO, while the relation between antecedent ...
    • The orientation of training loads of shock microcycles of qualified athletes who specialize in combined events 

      Adamchuk, Vadym; Адамчук, Вадим; Адамчук, Вадим (Вінниця: ТОВ "Планер", 2017)
      This article highlights the issue of orientation training loads shock microcycles in training all-around athletes. The proper rotation of stress with relaxation create favorable conditions that stimulate adaptive responses ...
    • The peculiarities of Great Britain in the context of European integration 

      Неприцький, О. А.; Неприцкий, А. А.; Neprytskyi, О. А.; Неприцька, Т. І.; Неприцкая, Т. И.; Neprytska, T. I. (Вінниця, 2016)
      В статті аналізується специфіка Великої Британії в контексті європейської інтеграції. Визначені головні чинники, котрі відрізняють Сполучене королівство від її континентальних сусідів, а саме, острівне положення, історичне ...
    • The place and functions of value orientations in personality structure of modern student 

      Бучацька, С. М.; Бучацкая, С. М.; Buchatska, S. M.; Хуртенко, О. В.; Khurtenko, O. V. (Baltija Publishing, 2018-10-26)
      The article is devoted to the problem of value orientations of modern youth, which constitute the motivational structure of the individual, on the basis of which there is a choice of certain social settings as the goals ...
    • The teacher’s authority as the factor of personal influence on students 

      Haluzyak, V.M.; Галузяк, В. М.; Holkovs'ka, I.L.; Холковська, І. Л.; Холковская, И. Л. (Warszawa: Wydawca: Sp. z o.o. «Diamond trading tour», 2015)
      The article defines the essence and types of authority as a factor of the teacher's personal impact on students. Authority is viewed as a relatively stable emotional-value attitude of students to the teacher. An analysis ...
    • Theoretical analysis of the concept «Professional development of the future teacher» 

      Kaplinskiy, V. V.; Kaplinskyi, V. V.; Каплінський, В. В.; Каплинский, В. В. (Kaunas : Izdevnieciba «Baltija Publishing», 2018)
      The article discusses the different approaches and the author's understanding of the concept of «future teachers» professional formation
    • Tolerance as a Criterion of Teacher`s Personal Maturity 

      Галузяк, В. М.; Haluziak, V. M.; Холковська, І. Л.; Холковская, И.; Kholkovska, I. (Łódź : Wydawnictwo Społecznej Akademii Nauk, 2018)
      Targeted modernization of education on the basis of humanization and democratization significantly change the requirements for the professional position and strategy of a teacher, provide the rejection of the directive ...
    • Toponyme Als Realien der Sprache und der Kultur: Problem der Bedeutung 

      Добіжа, Н. В.; Добижа, Н. В.; Dobizha, N. V. (Миколаїв, 2017)
      Der Beitrag untersucht die linguokulturologischen Besonderheiten der Bildung der phraseologischen Einheiten mit toponymischen Komponenten in der deutschen Sprache. Dabei wird dargelegt, auf welche Art und Weise die ...
    • Tourism and recreational development of the Southern Bug River . 

      Denysyk, B.G.; Денисик, Б.Г. (2015)
      The article provides an overview of the environment and, partially, the landscapes of the Southern Pobuzya. The author explores current tourist and recreational uses of the three distinct regions of the Southern Pobuzya, ...
    • Training of the future teacher to implement the principles of partnership pedagogy 

      Любчак, Людмила; Lyubchak, Lyudmila; Дабіжа, Людмила; Dabizha, Lyudmila (Riga, Latvia : «Baltija Publishing», 2018)
      The article is dedicated to studying the problem of readiness of future teachers to implement the principles of partnership in the conditions of the New Ukrainian School. It substantiates the need to use active learning ...