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      "Literary tasks" [1]
      activities for future teachers, effective lesson, school textbook [1]
      building knowledge and skills of students in the study of irregularities, irrational inequality method intervals. [1]
      competency approach, mathematical competence, formation of mathematical competence in the process of studying the equations in the course algebra of the basic school. [1]
      construction of classes of mathematics [1]
      Continuous and nowhere differentiable functions; fractal dimension [1]
      Correction of geometrical knowledge [1]
      differentiation of methodical preparation of future teachers of mathematics [1]
      extracurricular activities of students; mathematics teacher preparation [1]
      financial-oriented mathematical problem, system mathematical problems, financial skills. [1]
      Formation of methodical competence of students learning geometry; methodological requirements of teachers geometry; methodical task of preparing future teachers; Methodical Training of Teachers; strategic, tactical and current goals [1]
      geometric competence of students, teaching geometry, technology skills and build knowledge of geometry, quality of teaching geometry in high school [1]
      Homework, body of knowledge and skills of students. [1]
      Mathematical competence, applied task [1]
      mathematical competence; methodical competence; future math teacher; mathematical and methodical improvement training [1]
      mathematical competence; text problems [1]
      median triangle lesson of a problem. [1]
      methodical competence of learning geometry; future math teacher; of methodical preparation. [1]
      Methodical competence of mathematics teacher; methodical competence of future mathematics teacher [1]
      methodical competence of the teacher of mathematics; the willingness and ability to methodological activity; professional competence [1]